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Electronic chess board for online gaming

DGT Pegasus

A quantum leap for online chess

In 1957 at the dawn of the Space Age an IBM 704 digital computer became an electronic pioneer of the realm of the mind through the first full game of chess played by a machine. In 1997 IBM's Deep Blue dedicated chess computer defeated world champion Kasparov in a match. Whatever the year 2037 brings, chess technology continues to enrich our appreciation of the game of kings.

Whether you're a beginning, social, club or tournament chess player, Gambit Chess Supplies has the electronic chess range and knowledge to pair you with the right opponent, trainer or analyst.

Gambit Chess Supplies as Australia's premier DGT dealer is also the supplier of choice for market leading chess clocks, sets, pieces, boards and accessories to the general public, schools and clubs. And with a growing range of international chess products thoughtfully selected by a chess player for chess players, you'll be certain to discover the ideal chess acquisition—and be back for more!

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