DGT Pi Chess Computer for BTH or USB e-Board | Smart Board


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Multiengine chess computer with integral DGT 3000 clock to 3100+ ELO for DGT electronic Smart Boards or e-Boards + Australian plug converter

The DGT Pi is a chess computer that turns your DGT Smart Board or e-Board into your strongest sparring partner. Many different chess engines are included offering a variety of strengths and playing styles to enjoy. Simply set up the board, connect the DGT Pi and start playing. The computer moves are shown on the large display and can also be heard using a speaker or headphone. The DGT Pi is a great tool for playing chess, for training and for analysing games and positions using a physical chess board and pieces. The DGT Pi can also be used as a fully functional DGT 3000 chess clock.


  • Batteries: 2 x AA 1.5V (included) for the DGT Pi clock section
  • Adaptor: 110-240V AC to 5 Volt DC power adaptor (included) for the internal Raspberry Pi computer electronics
  • Accuracy: Better than 1 second per hour (DGT 3000 clock specifications only)
  • Housing: ABS plastic
  • Display: 130 x 35 mm


User Manual | DGT Pi

Features & Timing Methods | DGT 3000 Mode

Connects to DGT e-Boards or Smart Boards
Rocking lever move registration mechanism
Approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Maximum number of players 2
Game Timer options
More than one time control (multi periods)
Individual player time handicapping options
Time settings
Bonus settings
Delay settings
Bronstein delay (FIDE)
US delay (USCF)
Mixed systems
Byo-yomi options for Go or Shogi
Maximum time controls with Time settings 4
Maximum time controls with Bonus settings 4
Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay 4
Maximum time controls with US delay 4
Maximum time controls Mixed systems 4
Scrabble® options
Move counter