DGT 3000 Limited Edition | LE 25th Anniversary Chess Clock


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DGT 25 year anniversary release of the flagship FIDE approved 3000 chess clock with exclusive wood-effect plastic housing and black levers

To celebrate its 25th anniversary DGT has released a limited edition of the top FIDE approved chess clock. It features a beautifully executed wood grain effect plastic housing with contrasting black levers in a striking gift box. It has the same options as the regular DGT 3000.

As well as full FIDE compliance and DGT e-Board connectivity, the DGT 3000 offers a larger display showing more information than previous models, 25 pre-set timing systems, five slots for custom settings and seconds shown from the start.

Befitting its flagship status, the DGT 3000 was the official chess clock of the 2014 world chess championship match in Sochi, Russia between champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and challenger Viswanathan Anand of India.


  • Battery type: 2 x AA 1.5V (included)
  • Battery life: Approximately 5 years
  • Unit size: 155 x 115 x 65 mm
  • Display size: 130 x 35 mm
  • Housing: ABS plastic
  • Colour: Wood grain effect with black levers
  • Accuracy: Within 1 second per hour


User Manual | DGT 3000 Limited Edition

Features & Timing Methods

Connects to DGT e-Boards or Smart Boards
Rocking lever move registration mechanism
Approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Maximum number of players 2
Game Timer options
More than one time control (multi periods)
Individual player time handicapping options
Time settings
Bonus settings
Delay settings
Bronstein delay (FIDE)
US delay (USCF)
Byo-yomi options for Go or Shogi
Maximum time controls with Time settings 4
Maximum time controls with Bonus settings 4
Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay 4
Maximum time controls with US delay 4
Maximum time controls mixed systems 4
Scrabble® options
Move counter