DGT Tournament Wood Chess Set 4 Queens Walnut Timeless


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The non-electronic variant of the popular DGT chess e-board in walnut and maple with 34 wood Timeless weighted pieces for tournament, club or home players

Due to popular request DGT has made available a non-electronic version of the classic Walnut e-Board with matching Timeless 34-piece set, used at the highest levels of competitive chess.

The set is as suited to tournament organisers wanting non-electronic boards to perfectly match e-Boards as it is to discerning club and home players of all standards who will accept no substitutes.

The attractive and durable 55 mm field walnut and maple chess board with lined full border is crafted in Spain by master wood artisans. The well-matched and finely carved weighted chess pieces to the Timeless Staunton design with 95 mm king height are fashioned by a leading chess house in India from traditional sheesham and boxwood.


  • Board size: 540 x 540 mm
  • Board thickness: 18 mm (regular size chessboard)
  • Square size: 55 x 55 mm (official FIDE size)
  • King height: 95 mm (official FIDE size)
  • King weight: 55 grams
  • Board material: walnut and maple
  • Piece material: sheesham and boxwood


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