Bonus+Delay Chess Clocks

Keen chess players seeking a quality digital chess clock with a high degree of functionality that can meet most casual and competition timing needs will find the timers in the Bonus+Delay category well worth consideration. Second only to the timers in the Professional category while at a price point closer to the highest of the Entry Level category models, they present an attractive option.

All the timers in the Bonus+Delay category feature the flexibility to configure for one time period any of five modes—move timer, game timer, game timer count-up, game timer plus bonus (Fischer increment) and game timer plus simple (USCF) delay. These possibilities encompass the majority of fashionable time control methods encountered in modern chess play while configuration is quick and simple.

Additionally the DGT 960 Travel Timer holds a unique rank amongst all digital chess clocks both for its “home, club or pub” shirt-pocket folding form factor with welcomely large display and for its ability to generate all Chess960 (Fischer Random chess) starting positions.