Multi-Player Game Timers

The colourful and attention-grabbing DGT Pyramid and DGT Cube simply are the finest multi-player timers ever devised for any type of game involving up to four or six players respectively. All players are allocated their own timer faces each of a unique colour, activated by motion sensor technology as each face is placed uppermost.

Timer modes include count-down per player for the entire game and count-down per player per move with a further option whereby any unused time for the current move is saved for the next. Count-up per player for the entire game and move count (to 999 moves) modes are also options.

Beyond their application as game timers, other enterprising uses for the Pyramid and Cube have been found by those who think outside the square—or triangle! They lend themselves equally to exercise routines, exam practice, regulation of meetings and almost any other multi-timing need.