Analogue Chess Clocks

Elsewhere in this shop you will encounter digital electronic chess clocks harnessing the frenetic vitality of the electron to speak their binary language of zeros and ones at extraordinary speeds.

It is not the only way. Enter the sublime and serene world of the regulated tick from the balance wheel, the escapement and the gear train, of dual timepieces coupled and commanded by levers and springs of steel and brass, of red flags rising and falling as arbiters of victory or defeat, of life derived from one of the most venerable of energy forms transferred by human to machine—clockwork.

Just as a digital audio engineer versed in contemporary technologies might appreciate retreat to the irreplicable warmth of a treasured turntable and stylus on vinyl, Gambit Chess Supplies understands too players needing to nourish their analogue chess souls. Take now a journey back through time to meet these living mechanical legends, each with its story to tell.