DGT Pyramid 4-Player Motion Action Digital Game Timer



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The definitive multi-display digital timer for board, card and other tabletop turn-based games with two to four players—five timing modes

The DGT Pyramid is a four-sided game timer suitable for any table top or board game with up to four players. Each player has a clock with a uniquely coloured face (red, blue, green or yellow) to keep track of his or her time.

It offers different timing systems (time per move or time per game) to add a thrill to any game, or to guarantee a fair and equal distribution of thinking time.

Use with a wide variety of games including Poker, Scrabble, Lost Cities, Party&Co, Dominoes, Boggle, Settlers, Carcassonne, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Rummikub and many more.

Durable, reliable, easy to program and intuitive to use, the DGT Pyramid and its equally groundbreaking partner the DGT Cube create exciting new dynamics and even more fun in multi-player turn-based games!


Size: 105 x 92 x 72 mm

Battery type: 1 x button cell CR2032 3V (included)

Battery life: Approximately 1000 hours

Display size: 24 x 13 mm

Housing: ABS plastic

Accuracy: Within 1 second per hour


User Manual for DGT Pyramid 4-Player Motion Action Digital Game Timer 10774

Features & Timing Methods

Motion sensor move registration mechanism
Maximum number of players 4
Game Timer options
Move Timer options
Move Timer with Save options
One time control only
Time settings
Maximum time controls with Time settings 1
Scrabble® options
Move counter