DGT XL FIDE Approved Professional Chess Clock Red



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Advanced FIDE approved professional chess clock with comprehensive options and DGT Smart Board or e-Board connection capability—red

The DGT XL is a premier product among digital game timers and popular with professional and amateur chess players alike throughout the world. It can also connect to a DGT e-Board to indicate time and moves.

It has 22 pre-sets for most popular timing methods including bonus and delay options, byo-yomi options for go and up-count for scrabble. It offers multiple periods in all modes and stores up to five manual settings.

Easy to program, the DGT XL also features handy buttons, an extra large display, player colour indication, an hourglass mode and optional buzzer. Time and move counter corrections are possible during a game.


Battery type: 2 x AA 1.5V (not included)

Battery life: Approximately 2 years

Unit size: 155 x 115 x 65 mm

Display size: 120 x 28 mm

Housing: ABS plastic

Colour: Red

Accuracy: Within 1 second per hour


User Manual for DGT XL FIDE Approved Professional Chess Clock Red 10102

Features & Timing Methods

Connects to DGT e-Boards or Smart Boards
Rocking lever move registration mechanism
Approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Maximum number of players 2
Game Timer options
More than one time control (multi periods)
Individual player time handicapping options
Time settings
Bonus settings
Delay settings
Bronstein delay (FIDE)
Byo-yomi options for Go or Shogi
Maximum time controls with Time settings 5
Maximum time controls with Bonus settings 5
Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay 5
Maximum time controls mixed systems 5
Scrabble® options
Hourglass options
Move counter