DGT 2010 FIDE Approved Professional Chess Clock



The latest blue-button Second Generation (SG) iteration of the official FIDE chess clock with improved memory function and options

The latest DGT 2010 SG (Second Generation) distinctly recognisable by its blue buttons is endorsed by the World Chess Federation FIDE as its official timer for chess and other two-player games including go, draughts, shogi and scrabble.

It has 36 settings options in total including professional and Canadian byo-yomi systems for go and two specific modes for scrabble. Intuitive to configure, it permits multiple time periods in all modes and storing of manual settings in its enhanced memory.

Modern bonus and delay options are incorporated as well as some fun options. Other features include large display, optional buzzer, player colour indication and smooth lever operation.


Battery type: 2 x AA 1.5V (included)

Battery life: Approximately 2 years

Unit size: 200 x 110 x 60 mm

Display size: 135 x 25 mm

Housing: ABS plastic

Colour: Burgundy

Accuracy: Within 1 second per hour


User Manual for DGT 2010 FIDE Approved Professional Chess Clock 10101

Features & Timing Methods

Rocking lever move registration mechanism
Approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Maximum number of players 2
Game Timer options
More than one time control (multi periods)
Indefinite time controls (repeating 2nd period)
Individual player time handicapping options
Time settings
Bonus settings
Delay settings
Bronstein delay (FIDE)
Byo-yomi options for Go or Shogi
Maximum time controls with Time settings 3
Maximum time controls with Bonus settings 4
Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay 4
Scrabble® options
Gong options
Hourglass options
Move counter