DGT Base Model Smart Board [with Indices] and Plastic Pieces


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Walnut-look USB-C tournament electronic chess board [indices] in ABS plastic with piece recognition and 34 plastic weighted pieces [add connection materials]

The Smart Board with indices and plastic weighted pieces is the base variant for the budget-conscious or for beginners feeling a need for indices.

SKU 11013 is the standard connection product for home use. It is also suitable for chess clubs and federations operating one and just one board.

Chess clubs and federations intending multiple board operation should instead use SKU 11011 for the first and SKU 11012 for each further board.


  • Board size: 520 x 520 mm
  • Square size: 55 x 55 mm
  • Pieces: Plastic 95 mm king height weighted set with extra queen of each colour
  • Housing: Black ABS plastic chassis with a high quality printed chess board surface


DGT Connection Materials [USB-C] for Single Smart Board Only 11013

DGT Connection Materials [USB-C] for First Tournament Board 11011

DGT Connection Materials [USB-C] for Next Tournament Board 11012

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DGT 3000 FIDE Approved Professional Chess Clock 10888

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DGT Carrying Bag for Tournament Chess Equipment 10835

DGT Carrying Bag for Tournament Chess Board Only 10434


User Manual | DGT Smart Board

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