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Strong press-sensory tabletop chess computer with classic ChessGenius Richard Lang program to 2200+ ELO for beginners to club and tournament players

First there was the Millennium ChessGenius. And it is good. Yet in accordance with the universal law of chess computers, the British and Germans have unleashed their latest fiendish creation for those imploring to be sliced and diced into ever smaller cubes.

From deep within the bowels of Castle Lang, one can almost hear the stifled screams of the tormented hardware as dark and merciless Teutonic knights stretch it on the rack while a cackling "King Richard" pours more molten chess goodness down its throat.

Now blinking in the light, black as the pit of Mephistopheles, tempered and honed through its trial by ordeal like a Renaissance Zweihänder greatsword, the Millennium ChessGenius Pro is ready to shock the elite, smite the hapless and train the worthy at chess.

Program Features

One of the most powerful chess computers of all time, featuring world-champion software ChessGenius

Playing strength over 2200 ELO (international tournament standard)

Choice of 2 libraries of opening moves: the Classic London Book with approximately 57,000 positions and the Modern Book with more than 100,000 positions

Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chess board display)

Display analysis of positions, main variants and move number

You can enter any chess positions

Integrated chess trainer makes it suitable for beginners too

Convenient menu system makes it easy to make system settings

Different match modes: Player against computer, player against player etc.

Automatic power supply detection

Other Features

Processor: ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz

Random Access Memory: 160K

Chess board: magnetic press-sensory

Chess pieces: exclusive felt-bottomed chrome

Display: illuminated board and text area

Menu operation: text-based in 7 languages

Languages: German / English / French / Dutch / Spanish / Italian / Russian

Power: 3 x AA batteries (included) or M811 Millennium Power Supply (optional extra)


Unit size: 300 x 276 x 30 mm

Sensory board size: 192 x 192 mm

Sensory board square size: 24 x 24 mm

LCD screen size: 40 x 46 mm

LCD board size: 40 x 40 mm

LCD board square size: 5 x 5 mm

King height: 48 mm


Millennium Power Supply for Karpov | ChessGenius | PRO M811


User Manual for Millennium ChessGenius PRO Tabletop Chess Computer M812

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