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Classic press-sensory tabletop electronic chess computer to expert level with extensive array of options for club and tournament players

The Mephisto Chess Challenger is a very strong and feature rich 2000 ELO tabletop chess computer with classic styling. It is suitable for beginners through to accomplished club level players, made possible by a high degree of configurability.

Designed and built in the finest Mephisto tradition, this elegant model features large LCD and board LED signalling systems and a compartment underneath for the pewter and silver effect magnetic chess pieces. A mains power adapter is also included.

Statistically the sophisticated program when set for maximum strength will challenge over 99% of the world's chess playing population as an opponent. Its versatility also makes it a top teacher, trainer, analyst, problem solver and performance rater.

Program Features

64 playing levels: Normal, Infinite, Tournament, Blitz, Fun, Mate Search, Training and Adaptive

Info mode - to see inside the computer's mind

Coach mode - capture alert and tactical alert warnings

Study mode - learn from the experts by replaying 20 famous games stored

50-move take back - experiment and improve!

Option to play against the computer or a friend

Set up positions to experiment and learn

Hints given - to help you improve your game

All major openings and many famous grandmaster moves stored

Other General Features

Sensory chess board - simple error free move entry

LED board lights - clear move indicators

Pewter and silver effect pieces - metallic look and feel

Piece storage compartment - for safe keeping

4-digit LCD display

Built-in chess clock - sharpen your skills

Automatic power down feature - conserve battery life

Unfinished games held in memory

Requires 4 x C batteries (not included)

AC/DC adapter included


Unit size: 330 x 250 x 32 mm

Sensory board size: 200 x 200 mm

Sensory board square size: 25 x 25 mm

LCD display size: 48 x 20 mm

King height: 48 mm


User Manual for Mephisto from Saitek Chess Challenger Chess Computer CT05