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Superbly engineered touch-screen handheld electronic chess computer with backlight and quality carry case for club and tournament players

The Mephisto Maestro Travel Chess is a handsome, robust and beautifully crafted chess computer that combines maximum portability with a solid 1650 ELO program to provide a convenient and satisfying opponent for keen chess players.

A true design icon, the Maestro with its clear piece representation, responsive touch screen, quality stylus and pleasant soft backlight makes play a joy under all lighting conditions. A case is thoughtfully included to protect your investment.

Its program is well rounded in tactical ability and positional judgement, enhanced by its ability to think on the opponent's time and an excellent opening book. Naturally, it also offers a host of advanced features commensurate with its class.

Program Features

100 playing levels: 60 Fun and 40 Competition

Hints and tips and coach mode available

Most major opening systems to learn

64 study positions - see how the experts do it

Take back and replay over 200 moves - experiment and learn

Setup option - try out new positions and moves

Other General Features

Touch sensor screen - all on-screen action; no small pieces to move

Backlit blue LCD display - clear visibility in all light conditions (with option to turn off to conserve battery power)

Stylus housed integrally

Protective cover for added screen protection

Built-in chess clock

Unfinished game held in memory

Automatic power down feature to save battery life

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)


Unit size: 128 x 88 x 22 mm

Sensory LCD screen size: 61 x 69 mm

Sensory LCD board size: 56 x 56 mm

Sensory LCD board square size: 7 x 7 mm


User Manual for Mephisto from Saitek Maestro Travel Chess Computer CH08