Mephisto from Saitek Expert Travel Chess Computer



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Ultimate expert strength peg-sensory portable electronic chess computer with comprehensive feature arrays for club and tournament players

The Mephisto Expert Travel Chess is the strongest peg-sensory portable chess computer. At full strength settings this accomplished 2000 ELO performer has the measure of over 99% of chess players, yet also features beginner levels.

Aesthetically and ergonomically the Expert is a very satisfying machine to own and use. It features both LED and LCD output methods for communicating moves and information, a hinged removeable cover and attractive peg pieces.

Its sophisticated heuristics, algorithms and libraries give it extensive opening, middlegame and endgame knowledge. Like a top human club opponent its refined positional understanding and a deep tactical ability will test your mettle.

Program Features

Ultimate expert program strength to challenge even tournament level players!

64 Playing Levels: Normal, Infinite, Tournament, Blitz, Fun, Mate Search, Training, Adaptive

Coach mode - capture alert and tactical alert warnings

Playing options: user-selectable search algorithms for customisation

50-move take back

Setup option - to try out new positions and moves

All major openings and many famous grandmaster moves from which to learn

Info mode - giving extra insight to the computer's moves

Other General Features

Compact laptop style case with flip down lid

Pewter and silver effect peg pieces

Pieces storage area for safe keeping

Integrated LCD display

Built in chess clock

Automatic power down feature - conserve battery life

Unfinished games held in memory

Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)


Unit size: 229 x 182 x 35 mm

Sensory board size: 112 x 112 mm

Sensory board square size: 14 x 14 mm

LCD display size: 34 x 15 mm

King height: 14 mm


User Manual for Mephisto from Saitek Expert Travel Chess Computer CH06