DGT Connection Materials [USB-C] for Single Smart Board Only


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Connection materials to connect a single USB-C Smart Board to a computer for home users and also chess clubs and federations operating one board only

SKU 11013 is the standard connection product for home use. It is also suitable for chess clubs and federations operating one and just one board.

Chess clubs and federations intending multiple board operation should instead use SKU 11011 for the first and SKU 11012 for each further board.

Please note that SKU 11013 is compatible only with USB-C Smart Boards and e-Boards and is not compatible with USB, serial or Bluetooth boards.


  • USB-C to USB cable
  • Board to clock cable
  • DVD media

The DVD media bundles installation software and drivers, a version of Fritz, 100 days of playchess.com premium membership and DGT LiveChess.

The latest versions of all products on the DVD media can be downloaded from DGT. For Fritz you need the serial number on the DVD media sleeve.